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On January 1st , 2009 we started a firm project directed to give more respect to nature and environment.

A hard task for the staff involved , but everybody was happy to embrace that cause very seriously , and not only to follow a momentary trend.
The whole group decided to dedicate themselves completely to this project , in spite of the remarkable professional and marketing difficulties to be faced.

- Back to the italian sheeps wool sourcing.
- Campaign against the cruel “mulesing” practised by some australian farm.
- Much more care to our traditional processes of rugs-recycling
- Massive pressure on our suppliers to care strictly about the environmental impact of their factories, with a particular attention to all chemical treatments, to the waters waste and to the CO2 emissions

During the last three years we have firmly pursued the above aims with all our energies. Hard to say how much of the objective has been achieved. But for sure we have done some important step towards an “eco-sustaineable” fabrics production.

Regeneration is the natural continuation of the project started at the beginning of 2009. A work programme more and more important in our company’s production and marketing strategies. Regeneration is the generation of those who see in recycling waste materials a cornerstone for the protection of our planet.

• We will methodically control our industrial waste in order to decrease and regulate it as much as possible.
• We have installed a solar photovoltaic plant in our company , in order to produce 100% clean energy.
• We constantly research raw materials having the lowest possible environmental impact.
• We monitor all the movements of the goods sourced for our production , in order to reduce as much as possible the CO2 emissions due to transports.
• We study the efficiency of our production processes , to improve their the environmental impact performance.

But Regeneration must be a fashion fabrics line too. A collection where the mix between reprocessed and new fibres must guarantee a product having the same technical , economical and aesthetical performances of any “traditional” cloth.


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