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1963-2013: 50 years of textiles



It was the beginning of the 60ies when Italy had an economic “boom” and the woolen fabrics from Prato were conquering all markets around Europe and America. During January 1963 Mario and Roberto Cherubini , together with Paolo Ballini , decided to establish a factory to produce menswear fabrics. They named it Fortex to honour the fortress , Castello dell’ Imperatore , one of Prato’s symbols built in 1240 by the emperor Federico II. The factory was based in the city center , until 1974 when Fortex moved to the new plant inside the industrial area of Montemurlo. During the first 30 years the business of Fortex has been constantly growing , together with the worldwide success of its woolen fabrics collections. Then , at the end of the 90ies ,  the new division CottonLab came to complete the range of Outerwear fabrics. A different kind of product , but still carried out with the traditional industrial concept of Fortex , based on a constant search for accuracy and reliability , together with innovative fashion proposals. In 2007 , after a decade of worldwide successes of the two lines Fortex and CottonLab , the founders decided to retire , leaving the charge of operations to the managers who had contributed to the company’s growth. In that period rised Knit, the last product line created by Fortex. A jersey collection , even this entirely Made In Italy , coming to fulfil the ultimate trend on jackets and topcoats. Even that new venture was a winner and Fortex can now celebrate its 50th birthday with unaltered enthusiasm and optimism.