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01.01.2009: Fortex towards environmental sustainability.

Ecosustainability is a modern term. It’s there to remind us that we need to protect the next generation’s environment from the negative impact on nature of the today’s industrial and economic development. We need to leave to our children the same resources left by our fathers.

01.01.2009 » An important date for the Fortex Group

As of this date Fortex will embark on a project directed to give more respect to nature and environment. It will be a hard task for the staff involved, but everybody is happy to embrace the cause very seriously, and not only to follow a momentary trend. Our staff will work on the farms in Italy, trying to select the few available wool resources. And they will also be tracing and checking the origin of the wool fibres imported, against the cruel “mulesing” practised by some australian farm. Fortex will bring many articles made with regenerated wool and CottonLab will start to produce some fabric made with organic cotton. The whole Fortex group will try hard to be able in a few seasons to produce really “Eco-sustainable” fabrics.

The rediscovery of fine breed of Italian sheep holdings 

Our goal: To produce a “zero impact”

Since the early 60’s , due to more competitive costs of the south american and australian products, all italian sheep farms progressively stopped producing fine wool for clothing from their selected flocks. This made those woolgrowers totally loose the control on the quality of their wool production and consequently being dropped by the main wool merchants and wholesalers. As a result almost all sheep-shearing in Italy is wasted, because it is no longer economically viable. Fortex, following its firm aim to pursue an “eco-friendly” way to produce fabrics, has started a joint venture with a local yarn spinning manufacturer. The project is to give an incentive to a number of small farms in the south of Italy, to start selecting againg the sheeps, in order to restore a substantial production of fine italian wool, and bring back at least a part of its wool sourcing on our local territory. Reducing wool importations will bring sensible improvements to the environment in terms of energy saving (reduction of co2 emissions), no waste of fibres, and restoration of eco-friendly italian agricolture and farming traditions.

More importance to the regenerated wool

Back to “rags” selection

Main patrimony of the textile industry in Prato , used to be the exclusive knowhow in recycling wool fibres from rags imported from every country of the world. But during the last 20 years most of the many “Rag-Pickers” had to close their companies, mainly because of the very convenient prices of the virgin wool fabrics coming from Asia. Nowadays, the increased care to nature and environment, has put all recycling processes under the spotlights. Fortex is producing recycled wool fabrics since 1963 , and with this new “ECOMILL” project, will start conditioning all its suppliers to care strictly about the environmental impact of their factories, with a particular attention to all chemical treatments, to the waters waste and to the Co2 emissions.