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Since 1963, the art of Prato applied to the woolen drapery.Fortex is the central collection of the group, where the company concentrates its long experience in producing woolen fabrics, both solid and fancy, for the informal menswear market.Mainly based on products for coats and outerwear, this collection has always been appreciated in the world for offering a wide selection of yarn-dyed and piece-dyed fancy fabrics.Easy to buy and to use, because supported by careful service and reasonable prices.

Among the collections of Fortex, this is the closest one to the sportswear world.Extreme research, both in fashion and technology, to offer cotton fabrics for an informal as well as refined kind of clothing.Much care is given to the finishing of all items, as well as blending cotton to precious fibers like cashmere or silk.Cotton Lab continues to give its best attention to the nowadays market requirements in terms of quality performance and service.Everything, as usual in Fortex, with the maximum respect for the environment impact of our textile production.

The newborn division of Fortex, coming to offer the soft and comfortable clothes which the nowadays market often requires for the coats and outerwear segment.In line with the “historical” Fortex-style, this line will show products for a pretty masculine urban sportswear.Wool blended with cotton or synthetics, having technical performances updated to the market requirements, but still with an accessible price range.

Fortex and his project directed to give more respect to nature and environment.

On January 1st , 2009 we started a firm project directed to give more respect to nature and environment. Regeneration is the natural continuation of the project started at the beginning of 2009. A work programme more and more important in our company’s production and marketing strategies. Regeneration is the generation of those who see in recycling waste materials a cornerstone for the protection of our planet.

  • We will methodically control our industrial waste in order to decrease and regulate it as much as possible.
  • We have installed a solar photovoltaic plant in our company , in order to produce 100% clean energy.
  • We constantly research raw materials having the lowest possible environmental impact.
  • We monitor all the movements of the goods sourced for our production , in order to reduce as much as possible the CO2 emissions due to transports.
  • We study the efficiency of our production processes , to improve their the environmental impact performance.

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